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    CamFlex® Sewer Camera

    CamFlex® Sewer Camera

    The most important basic requirement for an efficient sewer inspection, particularly of branched sewer systems, is the camera's ability to move into branches. The camera CamFlex® with turning capabilities manufactured by Kummert enables users to reach branches with a diameter between DN100 and DN200 without problems. One special feature of this vermicular camera, which was developed specifically for the inspection of private sewerage systems, is its flexibility. This means that the camera can move from a straight position to a 90° angle, thus facilitating a navigation into nearly all laterals and even through 90° bends.

    One of the many positive qualities of the CamFlex® is the camera's robustness. On one hand, the concave shape accounts for a minor wear of the outer shell due to the camera's minute contact surface. On the other hand, the high-tech materials used give the camera additional protection. Aside from the outstanding durability, the CamFlex® offers an always upright image for an optimal orientation during the inspection. A perfect illumination, as well as a first-rate image quality facilitate high-quality TV inspections. The specialty of the camera CamFlex® is its ability to record the pipe run during an inspection in a three-dimensional manner. The internal sensors collect all necessary data needed for issuing a three-dimensional pipe plan in connection with the CamMobile® Profi 3.

    (includes carrying case)

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