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"The ultimate in CCTV inspections". Data collection for CCTV Inspection and Rehabilitation

Your report is probably the only means your client has of judging the quality and value of the CCTV inspection you have undertaken. It is your opportunity to make them want to come back to you, time and time again.

WinCan is an easy-to-use reporting package that gives professional, clear and concise reports, which can be customised to your clients' needs. You can also include photographs captured directly from your survey video and even record video clips to help provide evidence of incidents such as water ingress.

And if you wish all of this can be given to your client on CD ROM, allowing them to view your observations and print a range of standard reports as they wish.

For more detailed surveys WinCan offers you comprehensive analysis and reporting of defects plus the ability to do post rehabilitation surveys. "Before" and "after" photographs can be printed together as evidence that repairs have been carried out correctly.

For the ultimate in reporting WinCan can even be installed in your vehicle and linked to your CCTV system screenwriter so that you can do the survey on site. You only have to input information once - no more late nights at the office producing overdue reports.

WinCan Modules

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