Advantages of Hydro Jet Cleaning of Sewer Lines


Clogged drains are a common concern for all residential, industrial, and commercial establishments. When solid materials go down the drain along with liquid, they tend to build-up inside the drain over a period of time and eventually make it almost impossible for the liquid to pass. Many different methodologies are used for clearing clogged sewer lines. Out of all these methods, hydro jet cleaning is highly recommended for removing stubborn clogs. This technique uses water under very high pressure to force all clogged materials out of the drain. Almost all types of obstructions in sewer lines can be removed by hydro jetting.

Some of the most important benefits of clearing clogged drains using this technique are as mentioned below.

Proper cleaning of the sewer line: All sewer lines tend to accumulate many different types of waste including grease, soap residue, sediment, detergent, fats, mineral deposits, and much more. The conventional plumbing snakes can’t clean these lines thoroughly. However, hydro jet cleaning not only cleans the pipe completely, but also clears away all types of materials responsible for the blockage. This method is perfectly suited for cleaning blocked kitchen drains, lavatory sinks, floor drains, showers, tubs, laundry lines, etc.

Accuracy and consistency:  Hydro-jetting is different from other sewer line cleaning methods because it doesn’t require digging up the yard for clearing underground drainpipes. As water spins through the pipe under extremely high pressure, the clogged waste material spins out of the pipe and leaves it immaculately clean. This method is also capable of removing acrid smell from sewer lines.

Strong and efficient: When it comes to cleaning a drain line thoroughly, no other cleaning method can be compared to hydro jet cleaning. This highly powerful and effective method can help penetrate deep into accumulated debris. Unlike other cleaning techniques, it can remove all types of clogged materials. Hydro jets are available in many different sizes, making it possible to unclog and thoroughly clean any size of drain.

Bacteria Removal: The force of water applied in hydro jet cleaning is so powerful that it can also eliminate all types of bacteria that may have settled in the drain from your kitchen or bathroom. When there is a bacteria build-up, you may experience the smell of decaying waste coming out of your pipes. The only way to solve this problem is hydro-jetting.

Safe and environment-friendly: In addition to its high efficiency, hydro jetting also preferred because it is safe to use. It is environmentally friendly and economical because only pressurized water is required. As this method doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, hydro jetting doesn’t pose any health hazard to humans or pets. Also, once hydro jet cleaning is performed, it takes a long time for the accumulation of more build-up and dirt.

At Austeck, we offer an advanced range of high pressure jetters suitable for houses as well as apartment buildings.  These jetters have been used with great results for cleaning manholes, sewer pipes, drains, and laterals. If you have more questions related to the maintenance of your sewer line, please get in touch with us at Austeck.