An Overview of Water Jetting Technology


Due to the restrictions imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the maintenance of our homes as well as the everyday operations of our businesses has suffered significantly. As things are gradually getting back to normal, a clogged pipe or faulty drain is the last thing we want to worry about. If your private or commercial property is suffering from any sewage and drainage related issues, you need a solution that is cleanest as well as quickest. In this age of advanced technology, efficient drain cleaning doesn’t need to involve disrupting excavations or harmful chemicals. This is where water jetting technology comes in. With a high pressure water jetting equipment, an expert team of plumbers can correct many potential issues related to your drains or sewage pipelines. 

High Pressure Water Jetting:

We all are aware of the power of water as it is seen around the world. As far as the use of water jetting in plumbing is concerned, the power of water is harnessed to get rid of absolutely anything that may be responsible for a pipeline blockage. In this process, water under high pressure is forced to pass through a small orifice or hole in the jet nozzle. A high-pressure water stream is created because of the restrictions caused by the small orifice. The operating pressure for high-pressure water jetting tends to vary between 10,000 and 25,000 psi, and the entire system comprises of an engine, specialised nozzle, water storage tank hose, pump, and other accessories. As already mentioned, it offers several advantages in terms of flexibility, performance capability, operational costs, and safety. 

Advantages of Water Jetting for Drain Cleaning: 

There are many factors that make water jetting an excellent choice for your home or business. 

  • Trenchless and Time Efficient: With the right water jetting equipment, the extreme power of the water can clear your pipes efficiently in no time. In combination with CCTV inspection equipment, water jetting simplifies the process of identifying the problem and clearing out the entire pipe by removing all obstructions. This technology is extremely pocket-friendly as it cuts down the labour cost to a great extent. 
  • Safe: Most of the sewer and plumbing lines are generally full of toxic contaminants. Therefore, plumbers run the risk of getting exposed to those contaminants. Being fast and effective, water jetting reduces this exposure for the plumbers. 
  • Environment-friendly: Water jetting technology is not only fast and effective, but also easy on the environment. Unfortunately, different chemical solutions are still used to eliminate pipeline obstructions such as sludge, sediment, invading roots, etc. Most of these products are hazardous in nature, and can cause serious harm to the environment. By using water jetting, you can prevent these chemicals from contaminating the surrounding soil as well as groundwater. 
  • Higher Compatibility Quotient: Water jetting is an extremely versatile and flexible technology that can effectively clean any type or size of sewerage or drain system material.

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