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    CCTV inspection Software

    Our extensive experience in the field of CCTV inspections has been incorporated into the latest evaluation software: PipeCommander. Besides the basic functions the software has numerous improvements and upgrades in the usage as well as in the display of the information. This provides the user an effective and flexible work environment.

    The modular concept of the software allows installing additional components or extensions as required at later stages. The program can therefore be adapted to the individual challenges of a client.

    • Inclusive abbreviation catalog for EN-13508-2
      Additional catalogs of other and proprietary formats can be incorporated as well. Variations of such norms will be immediately transformed by our software specialists and issued as updates of PipeCommander.
    • Powerful, configurable client & project administration
      Any clients and their respective data will be administered over a user-friendly menu structure (hierarchical tree menu). The associated projects together with the inspection data will be appended to this client administration. Through the tree menu other actions such as exporting data or printing protocols can be accessed easily.
    • Real-time text overlay
      The relevant inspection data such as video counter, path length or defect information will be displayed live into the video film.
    • Macro-controls for camera & crawler
      The speed of the crawler and the movements of the camera (i.e. pan & tilt) can be controlled directly via pre defined functions, so called macros. These macros are selected in PipeCommander over a self-explanatory interface.
    • Hardware supported photo digitizing
      Digital photos can be added to any event, recorded during an inspection. These photos are created by a special hardware to ensure a high image quality.
    • Hardware supported video digitizing
      All digital films are produced via professional video hardware. This recorder supports the following video formats: MPEG I, MPEG-4 (H.263) and MPEG II.
    • Data exchange via IsyBau 96/2001 and IsyBau 2006 interfaces
      Inspection data can be transferred via different export interfaces like IsyBau 96/2001 and IsyBau 2006. Additional export formats are available optionally.
    • Creating significant protocol and statistics
      Inspections protocols and statistics can be printed or created as PDF files.
    • Presentation of the data and records with own video player
      PipeCommander contains the Rausch video player DPlayer, as a stand alone version that can be handed over to the client, together with the inspection data and associated images.
    • Viewer with protocol function and video player
      Projects can also be handed over with a viewer of PipeCommander. With this all data (i.e. inclination measurements or deformation measurements) can be directly viewed and reproduced via protocols. The viewer also contains the Rausch DPlayer as an integrated video player.
    • Multi Language user platform (switchable language)

    Optional extensions:

    • Temperature measurement
    • Inclination measurement
    • Bow-measurement-system for the optical measurement of manifolds and bends during the inspection
    • Deformation measurement (ScanCam)
    • Point-measure-system (crack dimensioning)
    • GPS support
    • Navigation module with 3D-representation of the pipe system.
    • Additional abbreviation catalogues
    • Additional data export formats
    • Extensive modules for pressure tests

    PipeCommander is available as inspection software for use in vans and is also available as an office version to administrate and post process the recorded data.

"I have ten blokes working for me, giving them a camera to use is like giving them an extra qualification. Not only do my clients trust them more but they’re willing to pay more for the service. I’ll be getting me another one in the next few months for sure."

Paul Smithers, Atlantic Plumbing, Artarmon NSW

“I’m a plumber with a camera business and I bought the ELS because I had to. My clients kept on asking for it and I was getting tired of losing jobs and paying other blokes my hard earned dollars because I didn’t have one. I tell you what though, I’m glad I bought it when I did… It’s been unreal for business. The quality is exceptional and the amount of follow-on work I get from it is unbelievable. And what’s more I’m not losing jobs or clients to other plumbers anymore.”

Gared O’Neill, Australian Water Blasting, Sans Souci NSW

Working with Austeck has been fantastic. One of the smartest business moves I’ve made…almost every camera job has lead to follow on work, like sewer re-lays!

Edo Rutstein, Ben Plumbers, Bondi NSW

“I’ve been very happy with the reliability and service from Austeck – I have found the T804 to be user friendly. Because the T804 is really compact it’s made those hard to get to areas a breeze compared to the other equipment I’ve used in the past. It’s made life a lot easier”

Tony Maude, Cavalier Plumbing, Sydney NSW

“Where I work I need reliability and durability with quality reporting. I needed a system that is tough, durable and could deliver clear and accurate reports! The T804 has enabled me to deliver all of this and more. Both the client and I have certainty of job closure. I have no hesitation in recommending the T804 to any plumber who’s looking to grow their business.”

David Lord, David Lord Plumbing, Cloncurry Central QLD

“The downtime on services is next to nothing…I’m usually in and out and back on the road within the hour”

Warren Radford, Downunder Pipeline Surveys, Sydney NSW

“I’ve had the T804 for the last 2 years and use it almost every day, it’s what my business and the market is demanding – reliability, quality of reporting and service. It’s been fantastic.”

Redmond Marshall, Jender Services, Darwin NT

“I got my first ELS camera unit from Austeck two and a half years ago, and once the lease is up in March I’ll be fitting out another truck with another ELS camera unit for sure!”

Jeremy Macpherson, Jeremy Macpherson Plumbing, Caringbah NSW

“I started leasing the flexiprobe ELS system thorough Austeck two weeks ago. Since then I have done over 8 jobs with the camera and through word of mouth have drummed up over 4 jobs for next week alone…”

Jeremy Macpherson, Jeremy Macpherson Plumbing, Caringbah NSW

“Since I bought my ELS camera my work load has increased so much I’ve had to put on another guy just to keep up… The way things are going, I will be buying another ELS camera very soon.”

Joe Bainey, Joe Bainey Plumbing, Granville NSW

“The ELS has been great for business; it’s definitely more reliable than any other system I’ve tried – A real winner in my book!”

Mike Kelly, Metropolitan Drain Cleaning, Melbourne VIC

“Three years ago I bought my first Pearpoint flexiprobe system and since then have bought three more. I picked up my fourth system only two weeks ago and if business keeps on at this rate I’ll get another one before too long. The performance and reliability of these cameras is excellent and I wouldn’t recommend anything else.”

Barry Maloney, Online Pipe and Cable Locating, Blacktown NSW

“I’ve been in the camera game for as long as it’s been around and for my money nothing compares to the ELS. I picked up one a couple of months ago and haven’t looked back since. The difference between it and other cameras I’ve seen is… well, it’s like chalk and cheese. Nothing else out there is as compact or easy to use. It’s a great little unit.”

Les Smith, Pipe-Eye, Gavan QLD

“I’d already invested in a competitor product so the decision to upgrade to the T804 didn’t come easily. But, I’m sure glad I did! The functionality and sheer reliability of the product has been fantastic. I know what I’ll be investing in in the future.”

Rob Smith, Rob Smith Plumbing, Adelaide SA

“I’ve only had my ELS camera for a few months and, although I was hesitant at first, I wish I’d started years ago… The camera jobs already account for over one third of my business!”

Ryan McClelland, RP McClelland Plumbing, Northmead NSW

“I haven’t had it long but so far it’s a little ripper! It’s performed beyond all expectations, worth every penny…I’m absolutely wrapped!”

John O’Neill, Tunnel Vision, Perth WA

This camera is head and shoulders above the rest. Worth every cent!

Jarrod Wilson, Underground Engineering Solutions, Melbourne VIC

“I first started using the ELS about 8 months ago and since then, with all the Sydney Water contracts out at the moment, have done over 5000 house service lines, about 30 a day, no joke! And that’s through the trap and all! The ELS is by far the toughest, most durable, reliable, easy to use piece of camera gear I’ve ever used. I honestly can’t say enough about it.”

David Francois, Viewpoint Technologies, Sydney NSW