Drain Inspection Using Fibre Optic Cameras


The implementation of new technologies in our day to day lives has become commonplace these days. The effectiveness and progression of technology has now touched all types of businesses and industries. Needless to mention, the world of plumbing has also advanced a great deal in the recent years because of this technological wave.  Use of fibre optic cameras for drain inspection is one of many revolutionary advances in plumbing technology.

Understanding Fibre Optic Technology:

In order to understand how fibre optic cameras work, we should first understand the preliminary concept of optical fibre technology.  Optical fibre is an extremely thin fibre made of silica or plastic capable of transferring data, light, or electricity over short distances. As these fibres are immune to electromagnetic interference and allow minimal loss of signal, they are highly preferred for a wide range of applications.

What are Fibre Optic Cameras? 

A fibre optic camera comprises of several optical fibres bundled together. These cameras are used extensively for carrying images and/or light to and from any confined space. Also known as fibrescope, fibre optic cameras allow users to receive visuals from places that are difficult-to-reach or extremely small. These cameras utilise the efficiency and flexibility of optical fibre bundles to ensure effective transfer of light. A magnifying eyepiece on the end captures the image and transfers the same through a microlense combination for viewing.

Applications of Fibre Optic Camera:

The applications of fibre optic camera technology are endless. In plumbing, it is used all over the world for an in-depth inspection of the interior sections of plumbing and sewer lines. This technology is also used extensively these days by medical professionals, investigative agencies, military, police, and locksmiths.

Use of Fibre Optic Cameras for Plumbing:

The quality of many different plumbing related works depend heavily on the information available before the start of the work. Fibre optic cameras help us take a thorough look at spaces that are impossible to be viewed normally. This is why these cameras are a highly preferred choice for carrying out drain and sewer inspections. Efficient diagnosis of plumbing related problems is extremely important, and it is always better to have more information in hand before the real work starts.

Without directly accessing the pipes, plumbers can quickly and accurately determine the root cause of any plumbing problem using camera inspection technology. Homeowners often complain about home drainage systems affected by clogs and backups. Use of fibre optic camera not only increases the effectiveness of the system, but also minimises the duration and cost of the drain and sewer services.

Fibre Optic Camera Inspections:

  • While using fibre optic camera for drain or sewer line inspection, the first step is to find the least-invasive and easiest manner and location for feeding the fibre optic cable into the sewer or drain system.
  • A thorough inspection of the drain or pipe interior is carried out by the plumbing experts. In this step, the experts look for structural issues, potential cracks, and clogs.
  • Based on whatever is seen during the inspection, the best available corrective measure is determined by the experts.

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