Importance of Robotic Cutters in Modern Day Plumbing Applications


Unblocking of drains is one of the most critical plumbing applications that can be accomplished in a number of ways. Over the years, plumbing professionals around the world have used traditional methods such as water jetters, plungers, and electric eel for this purpose. However, these methods are not always effective, particularly if the blockage is too hard. Something more effective is required for intrusions containing solid tree roots, steel, or concrete.

You may want to remove the blockage by digging up the drain, and then repair it. However, excavation is not always a practical solution. This is where robotic cutters can be lifesavers for us.

Functionally speaking, robotic cutters can be referred to as cutting heads placed at one end of an air pipe that can spin with the help of compressed air. This cutting head goes all the way to the source of the blockage within the pipe and grinds the blockage away. The cutting head is capable of running through almost anything because it spins at a really high speed.

Applications of Robotic Cutters:

Robotic cutting technology does away with expensive and disruptive excavation as these cutters can be controlled from a remote location above the ground. Available in different models such as hydraulic, electric, battery, and pneumatic, robotic cutters are used in a wide spectrum of plumbing applications as discussed below.

Removal of Solid Obstructions: Robotic cutters are used extensively for the removal of a variety of obstructions from sewers and pipelines. Usually, these obstructions are discovered during surveys conducted using CCTV camera inspection systems.

Roots: One of the most common plumbing related problems is root ingress. It causes serious damage to the drain’s structural integrity and eventually results in a blockage by catching other debris.  Robotic cutters provide the ideal solution to this problem and without it; manual excavation would have been inevitable to solve this problem.

Building Materials: Loads of building materials as well as discarded stuff ultimately end up in drains and sewers. This is a source of potential problems for the public and continuous headache for property owners. These obstructions can’t be removed by the traditional high-pressure water jets that are used for removing vegetable matters and silt from pipes. Excavation, on the other hand, can be expensive as well as time consuming. However, robotic cutters can be used to conveniently grind these materials into smaller pieces that can later be vacuumed out.

Benefits of Using Robotic Cutters:

  • Robotic cutters are extremely safe to use and the process involves much lower risk to the operators compared to traditional excavation.
  • Robotic cutting is faster compared to other methods because there is less disruption while working remotely from above ground compared to digging down.
  • Robotic cutting is greener because its onsite carbon footprint in minimum.
  • Robotic cutters are suitable for all locations including city centre, high-traffic, as well as rural environments.
  • Robotic cutters can be set up and used easily and quickly.
  • Robotic cutting technology allows navigating complex pipe situations with minimum fuss.
  • Minimum disruption to normal activities because the process is non-invasive.

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