RCA 4.0 Full HD

RCA 4.0 Full HD

Next generation CCTV Inspection

Patent no: DE 10 2008 015 442 B4

CCTV Inspection from 100 mm to 2500 mm – Satellite System from 135 mm to 1800 mm


The RCA 4.0 enables the world‘s fi rst transmission in Full HD with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixel using copper cables and no optical fibers. This has become possible because of the specially developed and patented VML technology.The result: Improved quality of the inspection data and reduced running cost based on simplifi ed service requirements.


RCA 4.0 technology in the studio

• Digital CCTV technology in Full HD quality 1920 x 1080 pixel or MPEG4 with 720 x 576 pixel

• Ergonomic operating concept with electrically adjustable desk a for fatigue free working environment

• System control with industrial PC including a 15“ touch screen and two multifunctional joysticks to control the camera and crawler

• User adjustable surface and joystick control

• Digital overlay technology to display readings and data in various country versions

• Display technology and adjustable text size and color

• 22“CCTV monitor in Full HD

• Serial bus system for the control of cable drums, crawlers, cameras and the Full HD Satellite System

• Ethernet connection for video and data exchange including a documentation PC and software
(PipeCommander, WINCAN and other recording programs)

• Alternative recording in MPEG4 format is possible in case Full HD data quantities cannot be processed

• Available as Full HD version or as a system in „Full HD prepared“ for later upgrade


 System highlights in the rear area

• Rear area fi ttings with passage way to the studio

• Water supply with hand wash basin

• Cable drum ELKA 600 HD including observation monitor, telescopic swivel arm and chain winch, cable length up to 600 m

• Cable drum Quadtro SAT HD, cable length 160 m, push cable 40 m

• Satellite system for the inspectionof laterals in Full HD Options

• Deformation measuring

• LATRAS for lateral tracking

• Pressure tests for leak testing of joints, pipe sections, branches and laterals

• Energy supply with lithium-ionbatteries

• For pipes up to 2500 mm in connection with the crawler C 135 and height extension or on a float

Lightweight installations for the class B driver’s license up to total weight of 3,500 kg.