3D Profiling Sonar System

Combination precision profiling sonar and flotation platform from Marine Electronics

The combination of a high speed precision profiling sonar and simple flotation platform provide an accurate means of sediment profiling in shallow water.


The data from the sonar profiler is collected by a PC and presented as a three dimensional virtual environment. The operator can move their viewpoint around to look at features from different angles. If used to survey a known area such as a settlement tank then the volume of sediment present can be read out directly as the survey progresses.

The scanning profiler unit is a hybrid multi-beam mechanically scanned unit that sweeps four pencil beams through a 45° arc to cover a 180° sector. This technique allows update rates of a whole 200 point swath every second on the 10m range.

The sonar itself contains a three axis magnetometer and a three axis accelerometer which combine to stabilise the motion of the platform and provide heading information. An external shaft encoder input provides for linear distance measurement. The system may be extended with the addition of survey GPS so that the survey data may be combined with map data.


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