BugEye Technoscopes

Let your eyes travel where you can’t!

BugEye Standard

Viewing distance 5mm to 1.5 metres

For inspection applications where viewing distances do not exceed 1.5 metres such as in wall cavities or confined spaces, a wide angle field of view is recommended. The viewing Direction of this scope (V.D.) is 70° and the Field of View (F.o.V.) is 90°. This is an extremely wide angled Technoscope allowing the operator to view the complete wall cavity with ease. The BugEye Standard comes with a Compact Transport Case, NiCad battery pack and an integrated 12V super bright bulb fitted to the tip ensuring sufficient illumination for the darkest cavities.


BugEye Professional

Viewing distance 5mm to infinity

For applications where viewing distances vary, such as inside walls, under floors and inside roof cavities, a focussing Technoscope is recommended with a narrower field of view. The BugEye Professional Technoscope allows the operator to adjust the focal length thereby achieving a clear and sharp image of objects close to the tip or several metres away. The special ‘high powered’ battery pack included with this kit in conjunction with the 12V krypton bulb at the tip of the scope provides an even brighter white light than the BugEye Standard kit, thereby illuminating objects up to several metres away.

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