Cavity Profiling Sonar Systems

Mk1 and Mk2 cavity probes from Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics currently manufactures two different types of cavity profiling sonar probes. Both probes are designed to meet the robust requirements needed for surveying fluid filled cavities and are rated at 1000m operational depth. The probes are constructed from 316 Stainless Steel, acrylic and polyurethane so that they are inert to a wide range range of chemicals.


Features include:

  • Rugged down-hole probes
  • Directional or omni-directional surveying
  • Surveying through cavity lining tubes
  • Robust 1000m digital data telemetry
  • High Resolution SVGA display
  • Dual tracking cursor for on-screen measurements
  • Save and restore raw data at full resolution
  • Winch interface for auto depth logging
  • Data download for external processing


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