ClearLine Laser Profiler

Precision Pipeline Measurement Tool

If you are a municipality, consulting engineer or contractor the ClearLine Profiler is a necessary tool for the analysis of the true pipe condition prior to and after rehabilitation. When used as a video survey tool it can provide accuracy up to 1mm when measuring pipe size, deformation, erosion, encrustation, debris, grease, flows, lateral protrusion, surface damage and holes.

Our Precision Vision software uses the latest machine vision technology to automatically detect and report on many types of defects.


Benefits include:

  • Fast cross-sectional area calculations for determining flow reduction
  • Deformation measured as an out-of-circle percentage
  • Erosion loss of pipe wall can easily be ascertained
  • Quantifies defects, holes, or other abnormalities
  • Simple and easy to use measuring software

This laser profiler reliably locates and measures deformations in mainline sewers. A laser projects a ring on the inner pipe wall in the camera’s line of sight. The resulting images are recorded digitally in MPEG format. The special analysis software calculates a digital profile from the acquired data and processes this into various graphs. Different profiler models of light-weight synthetic material are available for IBAK pan and rotate cameras.
Technical System Data

  • For operation in 150 mm pipes upwards, 200 upwards with PANORAMO
  • 180 measurements per each profile
  • Recording in MPEG format
  • Manual and automatic analysis

Calculation of

  • Reduction of diameter
  • Deformation levels
  • Erosion damage

Location of

  • Pipe displacements
  • Obstruction to flow
  • Liner uniformity after relining


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