Combined Sonar and CCTV system

Combined Sonar and CCTV system

Inspection becomes particularly problematic when attempting to inspect fully charged or semi-charged pipe. Many faults may lie beneath the water level, beyond the CCTV unit’s field of view, making accurate evaluation of the pipe’s condition virtually impossible.

To address this problem recent advances in pipeline inspection technology have seen the development and refinement of Sonar/ CCTV combined systems or CoSaC (Combined Sonar and CCTV) systems.

In conjunction with Pearpoint and Marine Electronics another UK based company, Amtec (for whom Austeck is also the Australian distributor), has pioneered the development of this state of the art technology enabling the range of applications and degree of accuracy in adverse conditions to be enhanced dramatically.

The CoSaC system is a world first and promises to take the industry to new heights


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