Sewer Jetter for pipes and drains.
High pressure jetter for houses and apartment buildings. Suited for cleaning of sewer pipes, man holes, laterals and drains. Can also be used for other cleaning jobs that require high pressure water. Application from OD 40 mm to OD 300 mm. Unit is delivered good-to-go with electric start, sewer nozzle, high pressure hose, radio remote control and is easily mounted in the sidedoor or backdoor of a common van or trailer or on a flatbed truck.


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FlexJET is a powerful Jetter for sewer cleaning and problem solving in and around buildings in residential areas, e.g.

  • Eliminating clogging of grease, dirt and roots.
  • Cleaning of manholes or other professional cleaning where high performance is required.

FlexJET is a turnkey and frame built unit which easily mounts in a van, trailer or a pickup truck and the low weight ensures easy installation.

  • The front mounted exhaust pipe requires no extra installation.
  • Ready to use right away.
  • 4-channel remote control.
  • A large selection of accessories ensures effective solution of many tasks.
  • Mobile


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