KS 135 Scan–SI

Manhole inspection system

In connection with the CCTV inspection system RCA proline or ECO STAR 400, the camera KS 135 Scan – SI enables detailed manhole inspections with documentation on site according to EN13508-2.

The camera is guided by a telescopic rod on the cable drum Elka 600.

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  • Camera system with 10x optical and 12x digital zoom, auto aperture and automatic diagraph for inspection of manholes depths up to 8 meters.
  • Optical manhole inspection with documentation using the manhole inspection module in the inspection software PipeCommander.
  • Upgradable for measurement of cracks by laser and precise determination of laterals.
  • The counting direction of the path length from the manhole bottom to the top edge of the manhole can be switched.
  • The control of the manhole inspection (circular pan and tilt functions of the camera and cable drum function) is manual or automatic with speed control.
  • Panning position with clock specification, crosshairs for manhole survey.
  • For a manhole inspection, the camera KS 135 has an endless panning mechanism with manually or automatically adjustable rotation speed and a position sensor for data collection.
  • Power LEDs are used to illuminate the manhole. Due to the near and far field illumination as well as additional illumination, they provide optimal light conditions.
  • The documentation in PipeCommander also includes video in MPEG 1/2/4 as well as digital image in JPG format.


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