For inspecting flexible pipes

“Flexible” pipes, Brick/GRP/HDPe etc cannot be assessed easily using conventional CCTV inspection methods as the level of deformation cannot be measured. Indeed, deformation cannot sometimes even be seen.

As CCTV is the equivalent of a 3D view of the pipe (horizontal, vertical and depth of field) there is no yardstick to denote deformation, never mind measuring it.

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This is especially important in “plastic” pipes where the only indication of deformation would be at the Joints. Considering that the UK fail percentage is 6% the CCTV inspection of such pipes is a waste of time.

LightLine is the perfect method of inspection in that LightLine generates a line of light around the pipe so that the Team Leader “sees” a 2 dimensional view of the pipe. The human eye is very good at determining what is a circle, and, more importantly, what is not.

The LightLine is supported by specifically written software that enables very accurate measuring of the line of light. The LightLine software can also generate a perfect circle of any size, or a percentage of the size being inspected (guide circle), so that when the line of light “touches” the guide circle the Team Leader measures the deformation. This is known as the “Fail Circle System”. The Fail Circle would be 6 percent smaller than the actual pipe size being inspected.


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