RCA 4.0 Full HD

Next generation CCTV Inspection

Patent no: DE 10 2008 015 442 B4

CCTV Inspection from 100 mm to 2500 mm – Satellite System from 135 mm to 1800 mm

The RCA 4.0 enables the world‘s fi rst transmission in Full HD with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixel using copper cables and no optical fibers. This has become possible because of the specially developed and patented VML technology.The result: Improved quality of the inspection data and reduced running cost based on simplifi ed service requirements.

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The result:

  • Razor sharp image quality
  • Exact recording and documentation of the inspection
  • Simplified service
  • Minimized maintenance costs
  • Technology of the future

RCA 4.0 technology in the studio

Digital CCTV technology in Full HD quality 1920 x 1080 pixel or MPEG4 with 720 x 576 pixel

  • Ergonomic operating concept with electrically adjustable desk a for fatigue free working environment
  • System control with industrial PC including a 15“ touch screen and two multifunctional joysticks to control the camera and crawler
  • User adjustable surface and joystick control
  • Digital overlay technology to display readings and data in various country versions
  • Display technology and adjustable text size and color
  • 22“CCTV monitor in Full HD
  • Serial bus system for the control of cable drums, crawlers, cameras and the Full HD Satellite System
  • Ethernet connection for video and data exchange including a documentation PC and software
    (PipeCommander, WINCAN and other recording programs)
  • Alternative recording in MPEG4 format is possible in case Full HD data quantities cannot be processed
  • Available as Full HD version or as a system in “Full HD prepared” for later upgrade
  • Power supply with lithium-ion batteries

System highlights in the rear area

  • Rear area fittings with passage way to the studio
  • Water supply with hand wash basin
  • Cable drum ELKA 600 HD including observation monitor, telescopic swivel arm and chain winch, cable length up to 600 m
  • Cable drum Quadtro SAT HD, cable length 160 m, push cable 40 m
  • Satellite system for the inspectionof laterals in Full HD Options
  • Deformation measuring
  • LATRAS for lateral tracking
  • Pressure tests for leak testing of joints, pipe sections, branches and laterals
  • For pipes up to 2500 mm in connection with the crawler C 135 and height extension or on a float


  • Deformation measuring system
  • LATRAS line route measurement
  • Up to DN 2500 in connection with crawler extension (Lafette) or camera raft
  • Lightweight construction for driver’s licence Class B up to 3500 kg total weight
  • Expansion according to individual customer requirements possible
  • Leak test of individual couplings, pipes, shafts and separators

With PipeCommander all relevant master data and inspection results are recorded and can be easily edited later. All projects are managed in a clear menu structure and can be exported at any time. Inspection results can be retrieved in the form of videos, photos, logs and statistics.
PicoMaps automatically retrieves all available channel network data with geo coordinates from the database. Based on this data, PicoMaps visualizes the connection cable progressions in best 3-D quality or automated with LATRAS.

PipeCommander | Service range

  • Inspection of reaches, connections and shafts
  • Powerful, configurable customer and project management
  • Macro control for camera and crawler
  • Hardware-supported image digitization
  • Integrated, constantly updated standards and code catalogues
  • Data exchange through IsyBau 96/2001 and IsyBau 2006 interfaces

Crawlers Combinations

Crawler C 100 with camera KS 60 HD
DN 100–600

Crawler C 135 with camera KS 135 HD
DN 135–2500

Modular Satellite-System
PKM 200 HD

Crawler C 135 with satellite system and camera KS 60 HD, DN 200–1800 from DN 150 with module PM 135


sensor head with KS 60 HD and dual flushing system. Locating system for automatic measurement and graphic display of the pipe routing of building connection pipes


RCA 4.0 HD Brochure

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