Sound Check

SoundCHECK® – the revolutionary development for the measurement of pipes

Several years of joint development by the IAF Institute (Institute for Applied Research), the University of Applied Sciences, Offenburg, and I.S.T. GmbH, Bochum, has produced a novel device for measuring pipes with ultrasound.

From the beginning, this project was viewed as very innovative and outstanding, such that, based on a decision by the German Bundestag, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology agreed to sponsor the development.


SoundCHECK® determines the pipe diameter, the manhole spacing, the number of branches, the diameter of the branches, and the outgoing angle of the branches (45° or 90°) within a few seconds at the push of a button. The entire technology is housed in a 15 x 15 cm box, which is placed down the shaft at the beginning of the pipe using a telescopic rod.

The measurement starts at the click of a button and a few seconds later the data is passed up the shaft via Bluetooth to a tablet PC. Specially developed software “translates” the data readout into an optical surface with the corresponding data.

Fundamental advantages of the SoundCHECK® system:

  • TV inspection and pre-cleaning are no longer required.
  • It´s not necessary to go down the manhole.
  • No longer human mistakes or wrong data because of the traction on the tires of the carriage.
  • SoundCHECK® is available as an option for the Power CUTTER 200 as well as a single version.
  • Within a few seconds all the data are available and shown into an optical surface.
  • Storage of all relevant data.
  • Precise excitation of laterals after relining is possible – no more dry boreholes.
  • Both the sensors in the Power CUTTER 200 and the SoundCHECK® system are patent pending.

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