Robotics Technology Makes Common Maintenance Tasks Easy


Pipe cleaning technology is a modern innovation that has facilitated the quick and easy inspection of hard-to-reach places during plumbing inspections, electrical installations and other tasks related to intimate access behind, underneath and within structures. Whether your pipes are beneath your house, installed between the wall and insulation, you’ll save yourself enormous effort and money if you use a mobile opto-electronic device. Blockages, tree roots and other detritus (often children’s toys) become so much easier to remove when they’re visible on camera. Rather than sawing open an underground pipe several times which requires many hours’ effort, a robotic opto-electronic device can identify your problem immediately and make removal of said blockage a much easier process. Rather than break open a wall to access electrical components, a mobile optical inspection unit can pinpoint precisely where you need to work.

The same principle applies to cleaning drains from detritus and removal of blockages. Rather than rely on manual removal of any objects blocking a pipe, many robotic opto-electronic devices include attachable cleaning components which work amazingly at leaving the insides of your pipes and sewage system sparkling clean. Blades and suction devices work in tandem to separate any material blocking the inside of your pipes and make it distributable and grab-able. This frees up the choked real estate within the pipe and allows the easy extraction of serious blockages along with extraction of your cleaning device. You will save time and money and enjoy heightened safety with the purchase of a robotic opto-electronic cleaning device.

High places often require access via a ladder or other retractable step. Using said aides can pose a safety risk if used for too long and, as said, using a mobile robotic device to clean hard-to-reach places higher than you can really make the job a lot easier. Rather than spend a long time on a ladder or step, simply place the device in a gutter and watch it work its magic. Safety is also paramount when working with sewage, due to the polluting loads of solids, organic carbons, inorganic salts, metals and pathogens. What used to be a manual job involving removal of a manhole cover and climbing inside a dirty sewer pipe now can be achieved by a robot arm designed for sewage treatment progression.

Electricians can also benefit from the use of robotics technology, in particular, the aforementioned robotic opto-electronic devices that fit between walls and in sewage pipes. These devices, with their attachable camera make inspecting powerlines much simpler than manual removal of concrete pavement and visual inspection of metres of line is. Traversing streets underground to identify old wires ready for replacement or performing the same task in between the walls of a house has never been so simple. Improved efficiency and safety are readily bequeathed by robotic opto-electronic devices.

Austeck has a range of robotic opto-electronic devices available for sale online. These devices make inspecting pipes, sewage tunnels and electrical cabling so much simplier. For more information or to place an order contact us via email or telephone.