Sonar and Pipe Measurement


From what used to be a tedious process involving cutting open pipes and very long measuring instruments, pipe measurement has evolved significantly in recent years, adapting to ever-changing and growing cityscapes and incorporating new and improved technology. One more recent innovation within pipe measurement technology is sonar, or ultrasonic, measuring systems. These are naturally-inspired designs that mimic the mechanism employed by bats when navigating during flight. Sonar systems can save a lot of time and expense when drafting for repairs or scheduled upgrades to a piping system and can provide accurate measurements almost instantaneously. This reduces stress and improves efficiency on-site.

One type of ultrasonic device for the measurement of pipes is Sound Check. This device is endorsed and sold by Austeck who are currently waiting on a patent. The device was inspired by developments made in Germany on a new system for measuring pipes with ultrasound. Those developments were sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Development which gives some insight into the usefulness and resourcefulness of this new technology.

Sound Check technology determines the diameter of the pipe, the spacing between manholes underground, the number of branches a pipe has, the diameter of these branches and the outgoing angle of these branches, whether it be 45 degrees or 90 degrees. The system is fed down a shaft at the beginning of the inspection using a telescopic rod. Then, with the press of a button, the above metrics are evaluated to provide details about a pipe and its infrastructural context. Data is relayed via Bluetooth to a tablet pc containing custom-designed software that displays the readout.

One of the benefits of ultrasonic pipe measurement technology is the fact that it’s no longer necessary to climb down manholes for inspections. Furthermore, TV inspection of pipes and cleaning prior to inspection have become a thing of the past when mapping underground pipe systems. Pipe inspections can be completed at the drop of a hat and no longer require manipulation of robotics technology, which can be time consuming. Human error no longer plays an impact on the outcome of a pipe inspection and measurement exercise so far as control of the device is achieved successfully.

Sound Check is available from Austeck, check out our product page for more information. Invest in the technology you need to save time and expense during pipe measurement at Austeck. Our equipment is top-of-the-line and will go a long way to improving the efficiency of your operation and the ease with which routine inspections are completed. We are the experts at unmanned robotics technology and have a vast supply of our products available for purchase. Call us to find out more and continue reading our blog for up-to-date news releases, developments and other information relevant to pipe maintenance and routine inspection. We are available Monday to Friday 8-5pm for all your robotics and unmanned robotics needs. Reach out to Austeck today for an effective solution to pipe maintenance and measurement.