Tips for Choosing the Right Drain Cleaning Machine  


Just like any other job, the use of proper tools is extremely essential for sewer and drain cleaning. When the correct drain cleaning machine is used, the entire process becomes easier, quicker, and more efficient. However, it is not possible for a homeowner to know which type of machine is the most appropriate one for his or her specific needs. This is why it is important to gain some basic idea about the types of drain cleaning machines and their best applications.  

Common Types of Machines for Drain Cleaning 

Many different types of drain cleaning machines are available nowadays, each with their pros and cons. In order to clean the drain quickly and efficiently, it is important for you to understand when it’s best to use each of these machines.  

Hand Held Cleaning Machines: These are the most commonly used drain cleaning machines suitable for clearing clogs in household water and sewer lines. They are relatively smaller, easier to operate, and make use of a professional grade drain cable for the removal of clogs. These machines are incredibly useful while dealing with clogs caused by food waste, mud clumps, hair clumps, etc. However, these machines generally have a shorter cable length.  

Cable Drum Machines:  

These heavy-duty cleaning machines are powered by electricity or gas. They specialise in reaching deep into sewer or plumbing lines and eliminating clogs. The design of these machines allows them to function as a type of augur capable of breaking through different types of clogs. 

In a cable drum machine, the drain cleaning cable sits within a drum. When fed by the operator, the cable feeds in and out marginally. As a result, the work area remains clean and prevents splatter.  

Sewer Jetter Cleaners: 

A sewer jetter drain cleaner is the best tool when a bit more force is required for eliminating a nasty clog in your drain. Depending on the machine used, jetters can apply around 3,500 PSI of force to remove clogs that can’t be eliminated by standard sewer drain cleaners. In addition to soft blockages, these machines can also get rid of grease. When a powerful nozzle is added, jetters can also help clean out root-infested lines by cutting through roots. Also, regular use of jetters can help prevent the build-up of contaminants that are responsible for causing clogs. Electric, trailer/rack-mounted, portable gas-powered, and sink are the four types of jetters.  

Choosing the Right Machine  

Depending on your drain cleaning needs, the type of machine you need will change. Mentioned below are a few factors to consider before investing in any drain cleaning machine. 

  • Depth of the clogs: Please remember that clogs can be located farther down the line compared to the reach of smaller machines. A 50-foot reach may be sufficient for smaller household lines. However, a larger cable capacity or longer hose may be required if you want to reach the sewer main.  
  • Type of clog: A clog can be caused by many different things, including hair, grease, wasted food particles, roots and vegetation, oil and grease, and much more. Therefore, it is important for you to opt for a machine capable of dealing with the types of clogs you encounter most frequently.  
  • Transportation and storage: Some of the larger and heavier drain cleaners may not be suitable for your type of job because of the unavailability of a proper vehicle or adequate storage space.  

At Austeck, we have a range of advanced drain cleaning machines suitable for all your needs. Please contact our experts today for more details.