Understanding CCTV Pipe Inspection and its Working Principle


As homeowners, many of us have had the torrid experience of dealing with different plumbing related problems. While using the conventional pipeline inspection methods, it is practically impossible to ascertain the location and extent of pipeline damage. This is particularly true for households that have subterranean sewer pipes. These piping systems often get compromised by poor installation, intrusion, and natural elements. If you ever face any of these problems, CCTV pipe inspection is your best bet without any doubt.  

In this brief discussion, we will walk you through the basic concept of CCTV sewer and pipe inspection and its benefits to help you make an informed decision.  

CCTV Sewer or Pipe Inspection:   

Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) inspection of sewer or pipeline systems refers to the process of viewing the interior or drains, sewer lines, or pipes using a camera system. The objective of this inspection is to find out the underlying cause of plumbing or sewer related problems without relying on invasive methods such as demolition of flooring or walls, or digging for accessing the plumbing or sewer system. This type of inspection is an extremely cost-efficient technique to pinpoint the location of pipe or sewer blockages.  

CCTV inspection makes it super easy to find out the exact cause of damage including pipe cracking, root intrusion, corrosion, offset joint pipes, earthquake damage, accidental puncturing, previous repairs, poor installation, deterioration over time, etc.  

How does it Work?  

CCTV camera systems are equipped with a highly durable stainless steel camera head attached to a long, waterproof push rod or cable. There are high-intensity lights surrounding the camera head, providing a clear view of the pipeline interior. The unit also comprises of a transmitter capable of sending images and data to a monitor located at a remote location so that the operators can identify the root cause of the problem. 

CCTV pipe inspection technology provides a series of valuable inputs related to a plumbing system.  

  • Condition of the pipe interior as well as the wall surface of the pipe 
  • Exact locations of damage and blockages 
  • Factors responsible for causing the plumbing issues 
  • Nature of pipeline installation including where the bends and junctions are within the pipeline network 
  • How the pipe can be accessed from different points 
  • Exact length and width of the pipes    

Why Opt for CCTV Pipeline Inspection?    

There are many benefits of using CCTV camera systems for pipeline and sewer inspection.   

First and foremost, this is the most affordable repair solution for dealing with damaged sewer lines. In many instances, it also eliminates the need for repairing the entire length of an underground pipeline system. The cost is lower because repair activities can be focused only on the damaged sections.    

Another advantage of using these systems is their ability to identify the problems quickly. CCTV inspection cameras can check the whole pipe in quick time, reducing guesswork for plumbing professionals.  

Finally, these systems help homeowners deal with complex plumbing issues without the traditional practice of digging. This not only saves time and money, but also keeps the space unaffected during the inspection.  

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