Using Pipe Inspection Cameras During Pipe Maintenance


Inspecting pipes can be a tedious and filthy task for home owners at the best of times. Using a sewer camera during pipe maintenance saves time and offers lots of benefits. Home owners don’t have to foot the bill for expensive work that may not guarantee a job is totally completed. Neither is there any requirement to excavate sewer pipes for inspections or repairs.

Pipe inspection cameras are attached to a long, snake-like cable that gets fed through the sewer pipe. Eventually, it reaches the cause of the clog or fracture.

Fibre optics are used to reflect the light received by the CCTV camera to the display rig. A radio transmitter on the CCTV drain camera also records the physical location of the rig and its depth beneath surface level. This is useful if the cctv pipe inspection camera ever needs to be rescued.

There are a range of common problems that can be identified during a video pipe inspection. This innovative technology provides the ability to diagnose all of the following sewer problems easily and affordably.

  • Tree root infiltrations occur as tree roots seek out water through cracks in the pipeline.
  • Broken, cracked or collapsed pipes can happen at any time for a number of reasons. Camera feedback will identify the location of the problem.
  • Major blockages also can occur at any time due to a buildup of detritus in the drain pipe.
  • Sagging or bellied sewer lines manifest when there is consistent pressure on the roof of the pipe. They can also occur when there is loose ground beneath a pipe. Combined with detritus build up, these can cause frequent blockages.

Your plumber will easily be able to identify the root of the issue with your sewer pipeline using a sewer camera. They will then offer various solutions to solving the problem.

You will probably be able to notice the problem when puddles of sewage are present in your yard. These puddles can be present elsewhere in the home too. Another telltale sign of sewer problems is the water pipes or septic system start regurgitating liquid or other matter.

Clogged drains and blocked drains can be fixed rapidly in most cases. If either of these symptoms are present, contact a local professional plumbing service today to avoid contamination of your drinking water. Long-term problems to your drainage system are best avoided, so be rapid in calling your local licensed plumber.

It helps to schedule regular maintenance for your kitchen, bathroom and other plumbing. Make sure your professional plumber is using sewer inspection cameras to save yourself expense on the job. They’ll be able to check the water meter, perform drain inspection, drain cleaning, and check the plumbing system for small leaks. Only licensed plumbers may trade in inspection services or materials worth over $5,000.

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