Quick-Lock V4A-Liner system

Unique spot repair system based on compression technique!
System for spot repair of the pipes with V4A stainless steel sleeves (Type of Material 1.4571) for diameters from 150 – 700 mm. Duroplastic EPDM rubber with extreme high durability.

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Rehabilitation system with DIBT-approval Nr. Z-42.3-374.

Lines are mostly damaged due to poor joint sealing, tectonic movements and exposure to dynamic traffic. The Quick-Lock-System has therefore been designed to achieve durability and resilience.

Applying the Quick-Lock sleeves, the structural stability of the pipes is regained. This has been proven by statistic calculations as well as by a series of tests.

QL System advantages:
Quick-Lock is applied by pure mechanic bracing without the use of any adhesives, laminates or resins and therefore, the system can be used irrespective of any response timings. The patented Quick-Lock ratchet lock assures a secure compression of the duroplastic seal to the pipe wall.

The used materials such as the V4A stainless steel sleeve and the EPDM rubber seal are successfully applied in the pipeline construction for decades.


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