Data collection for CCTV Inspection and Rehabilitation
“The ultimate in CCTV inspections”
Your report is probably the only means your client has of judging the quality and value of the CCTV inspection you have undertaken. It is your opportunity to make them want to come back to you, time and time again.

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Pipe inspection data—it’s only as valuable as the insight it gives you, and WinCan VX revolutionises how you make decisions based on the rich data today’s inspection technologies capture. Imagine a single, integrated application with the power to manage your resources and assets in real time.

  • Gather standards-compliant data for analysis and reporting. WinCan supports 50-plus defect catalogs (including WSA 08, WSA 13 and any future ), and can validate external data.
  • Run sophisticated queries to understand specific maintenance needs. WinCan VX delivers results in detailed reports, on a map, or as raw exported data.
  • Publish completed inspections securely to the cloud, where clients can view them instantly. Inspections can also be distributed using a free viewer version of WinCan VX.
  • Design elegant, information-rich reports from the ground up using raw and filtered data, photos, and schematic illustrations—or simply modify a canned template.
  • Work with any inspection equipment, and interface with major municipal databases and GIS. WinCan VX also supports big data on Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Extract the actionable intelligence needed to make critical maintenance decisions. WinCan VX helps you budget and manage resources, and anticipate future needs.


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