Rausch Mobile

The electric cable drum with up to 300 m camera cable for application ranges 100 – 2500 mm in the mainline sewer inspection – compact and space-saving. With control unit Rausch-Tab.

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Cubix 300

Cubix 300 offers a lot of comfort. It is stable, secured by means of an electric and manual brake function and easy to transport thanks to the integrated carrying handles. Optimum cable guide is ensured by the unwinding aid, cross-lead spindle and foldable arm. The control panel shines with a status display and membrane keys for rear operation. It is optionally available with radio remote control.

  • Electric cable drum with up to  300 m camera cable
  • Control panel with status display
  • Membrane keys for rear room operation
  • Integrated carrying handles
  • Electric and manual brake
  • Unwind aid
  • Cross lead screw and foldable arm for
  • Optimal cable guide
  • Option: Radio remote control
  • Dimensions: 425 x 425 x 480 mm
  • Weight: 67 kg incl. 300 m cable


Rausch-Tab is the new mobile control unit for Omicron push and drive, Cubix 300 and Elka 600. Thus, the solution for inspections of mainline sewers and house connections in Full HD. Easily detachable for office work. Multifunctional joysticks.



  • Including basic software for image, video and PDF creation
  • Expandable with fully integrated PipeCommander inspection software or third-party software
  • Innovative features for effective and flexible work
  • Extensive reporting function
  • Various export formats as well as DWA M149-2, DIN EN 13508-2
  • Inspection data and videos can be easily – passed on to end customers with a free viewer version


Mainline sewer inspection
100 – 600 mm
FW 90 crawler – Our small all-rounder with three driven axles and high weight for optimum traction. Thanks to integrated laser diodes, the digital pan and tilt camera KS 60 can determine diameters precisely.


Mainline sewer inspection
135 – 3000 mm
FW 135 crawler is the basis for mainline sewer and satellite inspection with just one crawler from 135 to 3000 mm.

Crawler combinations

Crawlers and possible combinations

FW 90 crawler

  • 100 – 600 mm
  • 3 drive axles
  • Manual/automatic steering function
  • Automatic reverse: stepless
  • 30° elbows from 150 mm
  • Camera quick connect
  • Mechanical camera height adjustment
  • Electric lifting gear
  • Rear view camera
  • Inclination sensor
  • Temperature measurement
  • Additional lighting
  • Permanent pressure monitor

KS 40 camera

  • 75 – 400 mm
  • Resolution SD: over 420 TV lines
  • 90° elbows from 90 mm
  • Pin to turn
  • Locator: 33KHz and 512Hz
  • Robust lens module with no moving parts
  • 2 laser diodes for measurement tasks
  • Manual and automatic focus control
  • Integrated 3D history sensor

KS 60 camera

  • 100 – 600 mm
  • Pan and tilt camera
  • HD resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Resolution SD: over 530 TV lines
  • Manual and automatic focus control
  • 2 laser diodes for measurement tasks
  • Multiple zoom
  • Integrated tracking: 33KHz and 512Hz
  • Integrated 3D history sensor


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